Information about GeneLife WGS On-line Consultation コンテンツへスキップ

Information about GeneLife WGS On-line Consultation

① One Fifteen-minutes (15-minutes) On-line Consultation with a Healthcare Professional is included in the GeneLife WGS product and services.

② It is important to note that the On-line Consultation is limited to the review of the results of the “Variant Screening” section of the GeneLife WGS product and services. The results only cover the presence or absence of genetic mutation for the potential condition / disease, and it does not explain the incidence or timing of a specific condition or a disease.

③ Consultation is a generic counselling session and is not a medical diagnosis. The Healthcare Professional will not perform consultations about medical enquiries (such as diagnosis and prescription related to potential conditions / diseases or any other enquiries. The On-line Consultation is not meant to be used as part of an emergency health enquiry. In case of emergency, the Customer should immediately contact  official health emergency services in their neighbourhood. 。

④ It is the sole responsibility of the Customer to follow or not the guidance provided by the Healthcare Professional. Neither Genesis Healthcare Co. nor the Healthcare Professionals are responsible for and have no liability in the outcomes, including but not limited to direct or potential outcomes, resulting from any guidance(s) provided by the Healthcare Professionals during the On-line Consultation session.

⑤ If you are concerned about any symptoms, please consult your regular medical practitioner for guidance. Should you like to set a medical consultation session with our partner clinic (Souseikai Medical Group, Ebisu Clinic) apart from the On-line Counselling session, please explicitly ask for such session to be arranged during the On-line Consultation session.

⑥ While the number of items appears large, most healthy participants will have no pathogenic variant detected,
particularly in the ACMG panel. It means no penetrant genetic disease is detected, which is a positive outcome for the participant. If an item is reported, this will be covered by the Healthcare Professional during the On-line Consultation, whose purposes is to provide the testing results.

Regarding the ClinVar database, some participants might have no item reported as none of the variants are detected, which is also a positive outcome. In average, when reported, participants might have 2 to 4 items reported, which will be covered by the Healthcare Professional during the On-line Consultation.

Therefore, in most cases, a 15-minute consultation is sufficient to explain the results. In specific cases, the On-line Consultation may take longer depending on the results.

If a pathogenic result is reported, the Healthcare Professional will provide individual guidance to receive further consultation at a medical facility that offers genetic counselling or identify a physician specializing in the reported matter.

Please note that GeneLife WGS’s On-line Consultation can only provide genetic tests results and does not in any way serve as a medical diagnose for a particular disease. As such, Genetic Counselling by a registered genetic counsellor will be strongly referred for your further assistance.

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