GeneLife WGS Disclaimer コンテンツへスキップ

GeneLife WGS Disclaimer

Research Usage Only (RUO)

This test is for research usage only (RUO) and is meant only for healthy participants who does not currently have physical, mental or any other impediments.

None of the test results provided are for diagnostic use and is not meant to diagnose any current or future conditions of the participant. The test and its associated service DOET NOT diagnose any health conditions.

Before we obtain your results, we would like to make sure that you understand how to interpret your results and the impact it may (or may not) have on your health.

Remember, this only shows your genetic predisposition and DOES NOT describe your overall likelihood or timing of developing any of the conditions.

If some pathogenic related variants are detected, it may imply that you have an increased risk of developing certain conditions. However, such information may not be conclusive and may also imply otherwise.

Note that other factors, such as lifestyle and habits, may also influence or affect your risk of developing specific conditions or diseases

An on-line counselling with a healthcare professional is included to review the Variant Screening reports (ClinVar database and ACMG panel).

 In some case when re-sampling or re-testing is necessary due quality of sample received, delivery of the results might be extended and beyond 8 weeks.

The test and associated service is only available in Japan.(この検査と関連サービスは、日本国内でのみ提供・ご利用いただけます。)