【20th Anniversary Campaign】GeneLifeDreamOn コンテンツへスキップ
Dreamon キャンペーン

Campaign Overview

Video Submission Contest: DreamON!
To commemorate 20 years, we will give out ¥1Million to 20 applicants!

What is the point of dreaming if you won't chase after it? GeneLife is here to help you rediscover your dream that you may have forgotten about.

Follow GeneLife's offical Social Media Account (Instagram or Twitter) and upload a video with the hashtag #GeneLifeDreamOn. 20 applicants will be selected after review and receive ¥1Million from GeneLife.
We look forward to hearing about your dreams!

Application Period (First Round) :
4/25/2023(Tuesday) ~ 5/30/2023(Tuesday)

Selection Process
Based on the applications on social media, our screening committee will conduct a review of the applications. Selected applicants will be notified via direct message from GeneLife social media account.
※We may conduct an interview to ask for more detailed information.

Winners will be announced on our website and social media accounts by the end of June.
※The start date for second round of applications will be announced at a later date.

Dreamon 概要

Share with us your Dreams!

Dreamon キャンペーン

How to Apply


Follow GeneLife's official social media accounts Instgram and/or Twitter


Take a video where you share with us a dream you have that you would like to fulfill
(Under 5 Minutes)


Upload with the hashtag #GeneLifeDreamOn

Winners will be contacted via DM from GeneLife's social media account.

Application Terms and Conditions

Please be sure to read before applying
About Applying
・By uploading with the hashtag #GeneLifeDreamOn, you agree that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions.
・ Please note that each applicant is limited to a maximum of 3 entries per account. Please apply using a public account that is not locked/hidden. Entry must be a resident of Japan.
・ After the application period has ended, you may not apply again for any reason. Entries cannot be withdrawn after the application period has ended.
・ All costs incurred in accessing this site, such as Wi-fi/data fees, are the responsibility of the applicant.
・ We may retweet or repost the contents of your entry on our official Twitter and/or Instagram accounts or use them for other promotional purposes.
・ In order to fulfill your "Dream", the information (personal information) you have registered and provided, as well as content covering your "Dream" may be used in newspapers, magazines, television, web pages, and other similar media, including GeneLife/Genesis Healthcare official website by Genesis Healthcare Co. (hereinafter the Company). The copyrights to these contents (except those covered by the media) shall belong to the Company.
・ If you are under contract with an entertainment agency, record company, or publishing company, please obtain the permission of the contracting company before submitting your entry.
・ If you unfollow our official social media accounts, make your account private, or if you do not respond to our DM, your winning entry will be invalid.
・ Please be sure to read and understand our privacy policy before applying for this contest.
・ All entrants to this campaign agree that they do not fall under the category of antisocial forces. In addition, they shall also affirm that they have, are, and will not engage in any illegal or similar activities such as violent acts, fraudulent or threatening acts, or obstructing business activities in the future. If it is found that any of the acts and/or warranties have been violated, the prize will be voided.
・ Employees of the Company and others associated with the Campaign are not eligible to apply.
・ Entry by a proxy is not allowed.
About the Selection
・There will be 2 separate rounds for Selection. We may also conduct online interviews in order to get more specific details.
・ Selection will be made by the Company. Please be notified that we do not provide you with any reasons for selection or rejection.
・ We will contact those who have passed the selection process via direct message. Please note that we will not contact those who have not been selected.
・ Please note that if you do not submit your entry for the second round by the date indicated in the direct message sent to you after the first round, or if any of the information you provided in your entry is incomplete, your selection will be invalid.
・ The right to winning the prize cannot be transferred to a third party.
・ If we are unable to contact you after you have been selected, your selection will be invalid.
For the selection process
・Applicants who pass the first round will be asked to present identification documents (passport, driver's license, or my number card).
・ The bank account to receive the prize money must be under the applicant’s name in a bank account opened in Japan. The applicant (or the representative of the applicant in the case of a group) must be contacted and must sign the consent form.
・ If the prize money cannot be remitted due to circumstances beyond the control of the handling bank, the prize will be considered invalid.
・ Winners are responsible for the tax treatment of their winnings.
・ The winners themselves are responsible for the handling of their prize money in accordance with their own tax laws.
Handling of Personal Information
・Account names collected via social media and personal information acquired through the entire selection process will be used only for the purpose of contacting the winners regarding this campaign and for planning when the winners are selected. Personal information collected will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
About the interview, taking photos and videos, and content production
・All rights to the content produced by the Company belong to the Company.
・ The Company may use and process the produced contents for the Company's promotional purposes (including all promotional activities such as use in mass media and on the Internet, use at various events, and use on the content services provided by the Company) free of charge.
・ By posting the works including images and videos on the website, etc., the portraits of the entrants and the other entrants will be made widely available to the public. Please agree to this before submitting your work.
・ The applicant shall not exercise his/her rights, such as rights to publicity, with respect to the use of the video works.
Other Information
・This campaign may be changed or terminated without notice even during the campaign period.
・ This campaign is sponsored by the Company and not by any social media providers.
・ If any of the required information registered or provided during the selection process is incomplete, false, or is otherwise deemed inappropriate by the Company, the Company reserves the right to invalidate the prize and demand a refund of any and all expenses incurred during the application, selection and provision of the benefits. The Company shall not be liable for any accidents, incidents, etc., that may occur in such cases.
・ If any information is found to be untrue (including perjury), the prize winners will be disqualified.
・ All submitted contents must be original and no copying is allowed.
・ If any illegal activities are found, the prize will be invalidated.
・ Do not infringe on the intellectual property rights or portrait rights of any third party. If any infringement is found, the prize will be invalidated.
・ All entrants must be 18 years of age or older at the time of entry.
・ If any of the above items are violated, the prize will be invalidated.
・ Any matter not stipulated in these terms and conditions will be decided at the discretion of the Company.
・ The Company will not be responsible for any damages (whether direct or indirect) that may occur as a result of this campaign.
【For inquiries regarding DreamOn Campaign】
Genesis Healthcare Corporation
Customer Service
(Except Saturdays, Sundays and Japanese Public Holidays)